Node.js interface to UFW forked to allow execution of your Node process as non-root user.
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Node UFW

Manipulate UFW (Linux distribution only) through Node.js.

System Requirements

The module only supports Node.js up to version 16, and Ubuntu version 18 or above.

This also requires root access, otherwise you will get an error from ufw itself, asking you a password with prompt.


$ npm install node-ufw
$ pnpm add node-ufw


const nodeUfw = require("node-ufw"); // JavaScript
import * as nodeUfw from "node-ufw"; // TypeScript

await nodeUfw.allow.port(6379);
await nodeUfw.deny.port(25565, "udp");

await nodeUfw.allow.address("");
await nodeUfw.deny.address("", 80);
await nodeUfw.allow.address("", 6379, "udp");

await nodeUfw.enable();